Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weeks 14 and 15 - Summary

Week 15 –

Tuesday: Class was cancelled Tuesday due to the guest speaker on Monday, Rip Rense, a veteran of the Los Angeles Daily News and others.
Those who were unable to attend must submit their pitch on a profile of Rip Rense, by this Tuesday.

Thursday: We went over the last quiz. We discussed everybody’s newspaper submissions. The last half hour of class was taken over by the instructor evaluations.

READING: Assigned reading is the Briefing on Media Law at the back of the AP Style Book.

This coming week we will do opinion writing and global journalism.
Please take the time as well to get caught up on prior assignments and reading.

Week 14

- This week we had a short class on Tuesday due to Multicultural Day. I did remind everybody that the reason we practices descriptive writing and colorful writing and narrative leads and analyzed features was so that you could USE that practice in your features story. Those of you still revising, please try to apply those principles we discussed. Mostly importantly, make sure you cover all the bases in your research and represent more than one side of the story in your writing.

- Please remember to listen to NPR a few times between now and the final. NPR radio can be found at FM 88.3, 89.1, 89.3, 89.9 and possibly others, depending where you live. And there's always their website to listen...

- Thursday was very productive: we completed discussion of the web and practised adapting stories to the web. Please keep your end of year handout. And remember my phone number is: 907-8029.

- Reading: no text reading this week. Put the energy into making your stories good enough for submission to real world publications. You can also get caught up on reading you haven't yet gotten to. You have the list!

- Assignment: All must submit their stories next week and report on that process on Thursday.

- Note: I have emailed several bonus story ideas, two are arts, two or three are hard news (election, education rally), and the others are speakers etc. The opportunity is there to raise your grade!

Friday, April 11, 2008

WEEK 13 – Summary

Tuesday –

- Lecture and discussion on broadcast journalism as compared to print. Last half hour was lab writing, page 249, Question 2.

ASSIGNMENTS – Feature story was due, as was story to submit to the Student Voice

READING – Ch. 11 on broadcast if you hadn’t done it. Ch. 12 on web journalism.


CLASS WORK – Lecture and discussion on web journalism and how it differs and overlaps with both print and broadcast journalism.

Like writing for broadcast, writing for the web is less formal, more conversational, and shorter than newspapers and magazines. But like traditional print journalism, the text portion of web news packages are written in AP style, with the same quote format, attributions and structures: such as the inverted pyramid, nut graphs and summary or anecdotal leads.

Two key terms to understand in relation to web journalism are:
non-linear structure

In the second half of class we worked with partners to convert a previous news story from print style to broadcast style. We will continue on Tuesday to convert a previous story from newspaper style to web site style.

ASSIGNMENTS – Anybody who has not turned in the first draft of the feature and the story to submit to the Student Voice must do so by Tuesday. On Thursday and Friday of the coming week, you will each approach the editor about your submissions.

READING - Page 501 to 513 of the textbook. There will be a quiz. And it will not be open-book this time. Make sure you read the Ch. 13 on Web journalism very carefully, and the above pages, which are an appendix on style. If you were absent and do not think you are able to explain the term “non-linear structure” as it relates to the web, please call me over the next four days. This will be on the quiz.

- We have exactly three weeks of regular classes left and we have a lot to cover and review. If you are behind in the reading, this weekend is a good time to start catching up on previous chapters so you don’t have to cram the entire book the weekend before the final exam.

- This week, classes are as scheduled. But the following week we will meet at 11:30 am on Monday, April 21st, instead of Tuesday April 22nd. Don’t miss it. Attendance or an alternate assignment will count in your grade.

Nomi's Tips for Journalists

Accuracy + Fairness = Professionalism.

When in doubt, leave it out.

If you don't understand your material, your reader won't either.

Every statement in a news story or featuer must be backed up by evidence:
1. a quote
2. facts or figures
3. at least one illustration or example

Always make that extra phone call.

If you have covered all the bases in your research, the writing is just a matter of organizing it.

Summary: Weeks 11 - 12


- We discussed libel, privacy, media law and media ethics.
- We reviewed feature writing
- We reviewed the inverted pyramid format for news writing by doing City Council assignment, on the online Scene component of the text book.

- Chapters 13 and 14 – If you have not yet read these chapters, please do.

- There was a quiz on libel and AP style, on Thursday, March 27. Please make sure you understand all the answers to that quiz, especially if you got something wrong .
- Feature writing assignment AND submitting a story to the Student Voice. You are permitted to do the same story for both assignments as long as you re-submit a revised rewrite.


- We discussed everybody’s feature ideas and gave tips and advice on how to best execute the story
- We continued to discuss ethics
- We continued to work on City Council Meeting
- We did an analysis of the Student Voice front page story on Binge Drinking

- Chapters 11 and 12, Broadcast journalism and web journalism. Be sure to have read Chapter 11 by Tuesday, April 8 and Chapter 12 by Thursday, April 10.
- For those who were not in class last Thursday, please go on to and read the February entry on ethics from the Society for Professional Journalists.
- feature story first draft is due on Tuesday, April 8 th
- first draft of story to submit to Student Voice is due on Thursday, April 10
- News Feature analysis “Binge Drinking” (a homework assignment) is due on Thursday, April 10. Those who completed it in class are exempt.

REMINDER : Please bring your portfolio to Tuesday’s class for in class work.

NOTE: We have exactly four weeks left to cover course material and then one week of review before the exam. We are in the home stretch and will be going at a quick pace. Attending class is the best way to stay caught up.

Keep reading media!